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01 March 2009 @ 01:20 am
About the last Naruto chapter...  
Well, I usually post on this journal to publish my graphics, but it's not so bad if I write something that makes my brain work, isn't it xD? I'm going to talk about spoilers about Naruto, so you're adviced ;).

Gosh... I just can't believe it.

I've never really cared for Hinata, and frankly I've never liked her character, her attitude, nor the NaruHina pair for I thought they were totally trite and without a fascinating and developed plot... reading this chapter has been almost like a bang, like I was just realizing, exactly when Naruto did, that i love her more than I thought.
I don't know what happened, maybe I was so taken from the individual stories (Naruto, Sasuke and the other themselves) and only from SasuSaku as couple that the whole Hinata love seemed to me so unsignificant and childish... destined to disappear as the NaruSaku relationship was growing, and I only feared for my beloved OTP, SasuSaku...

It was maybe her sacrifice, her strenght and bravery, maybe her (apparent) death... but, most of all, Naruto's eyes after she said that she loved him and that she did not fear death if it meant saving him... his waking up as a six-tailed fox... very touching.

Now I really hope Hinata to live and NaruHina to happen. And I swear it's not for SasuSaku. Even if Hinata dies, I don't care, this relationship will always be the most tender in the series, to me. Same thing with SasuSaku, which is very different in many ways (the characters' personalities, the development etc.) and similar to others: like the initial fangirling attitude and the declaration of the girls, 'cause both said they would do anything for the ones they loved and used very strong words like "helping you with your revenge", "leaving the village to be with you", "death doesn't scare me if it means protecting you", "my own will"... 

Both Hinata and Sakura have grown up so much as ninjas and personas thanks to the men they loved.
To be accepted by them.
To find them with their own strenght.

The real problem is that Naruto and Sasuke are too stupid :D. 
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